EV Chargers

EV Charging

Resourcing and the world today regarding our carbon footprint and emissions have paved the way for EV charging, In the past 5 years alone this part of the industry has seen tremendous growth and intuition with regarding home charging and carbon free vehicles, Our expertise has allowed us to pioneer a lead in installing and maintaining EV charge points at both a commercial and domestic scale. 

If you are considering going carbon free and would like to speak to us about a possible installation please do get in touch and one of our electricians can call out and go over the options with you.

There are three main types of EV charging point: rapid, fast and slow.

Rapid or super chargers are mainly found at motorway services and other public locations where super-fast charging is necessary during a journey. A typical example is Tesla Super Charger, which takes just 20 minutes to charge the vehicle up to 80%.

Fast chargers are the standard for home and workplace charging and enable people to charge their vehicles within a few hours, depending on the vehicle and rating of the charging point. The most common fast charger we install is rated at 7kW, which will charge most vehicles from 0-100% within 6-12 hours.

Slow chargers (or trickle chargers) are generally only for emergency charging and can take 12-24 hours or more to charge the vehicle. They usually use a normal 13A plug socket and are not intended to be used day in and day out because they may overload the sockets in your house.
There are two main kinds of plug: Type 1 and Type 2. Type 2 are most common and all new vehicles come with Type 2 as standard. The type of plug you need is determined by the type of vehicle you have and both types can charge up to 32A, but the Type 2 plug also allows for three-phase charging if your installation has this option. This enables faster charging in some situations.
Potentially, Grant funding may be available towards the cost of installing a charging point in your rental properties or at work and we can take care of the application process for you.